Trust the Process

I recently read an article about some of the “secrets” behind the show The Biggest Loser. I used to be a very devoted watcher of the show and was upset to hear of the things that former contestants were coming out about in regards to what happens “behind the scenes”. While I cannot confirm or deny (because I, myself, have never been a contestant) what happens behind the scenes of the show and what the contestants endured during their time as a contestant, it really makes one think.

Reality is, this is a form of a game show. There are prizes throughout the process and a large monetary prize at the end. Who wouldn’t that appeal to? As someone who has struggled with weight since I was old enough to even care about my weight, I get the appeal – weight loss and money. Where do I sign up??? When you have reached a certain point, you want to change and will possibly do anything to get there. And you want the results fast. I admit, I considered applying to the show a couple of times. The only reason I never did is I did not want to be away from my family that long. Anyone who knows me knows, being a mom is the most important thing to me. My kids are my world.

While I think the concept behind the show is great and appeals to so many people because of the obesity issue in this country, if it seems too good to be true…well you know how that ends…. It took me a year and a half to go back to the Crossfit gym where I go now after trying a class because I was TERRIFIED. I still remember telling my friend after that first trial class, almost 2 ½ years ago now, that there was no way I could do this and not see results. Holy *@#$ was that intense. And it scared me. So after over a year of concern and pressure (because she cared!) from a very dear friend, I decided to sign up for their beginner’s class (On-Ramp – 2x/week for a month). I had 3 weeks to change my mind. I could have called and cancelled. I could have just not shown up. As that first day got closer, I was so scared, excited, terrified, anxious, nervous, you name it. What am I doing? Am I really ready for this? After my first class, I was like “okay, I don’t know if I can do this. Can I do this?” That thought continued daily. There were some of the classes during On-Ramp that I definitely didn’t think I could do it. I still remember that night of GHD sit ups. I seriously was VERY close to quitting after that night. I even cried a little. My coach got me through that moment and reassured me I was going to be ok. Then I thought, okay, I did it and survived. If I never get on that thing again, well that would be awesome. I was by far one of the weakest (and most overweight and not physically fit) in my On-Ramp class. It was very intimidating to say the least.

After putting in the time and work in the gym for almost 3 months and not losing a lot of weight (my main goal in starting Crossfit at the time), I decided to meet with one of our coaches for nutrition to see what I could change there. My dietary habits were definitely my downfall. Well, I already knew that, and knew some of what I needed to do but clearly at 250 lbs (at the time) needed some help and guidance from someone who knew what they were talking about. One of the first things I was told is that I wasn’t eating enough. What? Come again? So I want to lose weight and you are telling me to eat more? Ummm….okay. They were absolutely right! What you eat is even more important than how much you eat. Crazy, right? While I felt that I was more educated than some, I still had so much to learn. Even all these months later and after losing a lot of weight, I feel like I am always learning something new, both about myself and about the process.

The moral of the story and my point behind this post is you have to educate yourself. Do the research. Do the work. Most Importantly, BE PATIENT! Quick weight loss is not healthy weight loss. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and reach out to someone when you are in doubt. Anyone who knows me knows I am the queen of asking questions. While I know that can get annoying to some (sorry!), it’s because I never want to do things just because someone said so. I want to understand why. I want to see proof that something will work or why someone thinks it will work. Weight loss is hard. Some days I would say it feels impossible. It’s always a struggle, even when you are successful. Look at me. I’ve lost 70 pounds and there are still days that feel like day 1 all over again. You have to trust the process. Below is one of my favorite quotes (thank you, Pinterest!)

Remember this – if it were easy, everyone would do it. It is absolutely worth it! Trust the Process.